Goalrilla GLR GS In-Ground Basketball Hoop Review

A Look At The Goalrilla GLR GS In-Ground Basketball System with Aluminum Framed Tempered Glass Backboard

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When you are looking to purchase an in-ground basketball system, there are many different qualities that can make or break your decision. From the materials that comprise the frame to the amount of flex that comes with each successful shot, there are many factors that you must explore. The Goalrilla GLR GS In-Ground Basketball System attempts to balance all of the best qualities of a basketball setup in order to produce a superior product. Here we will examine the results of their efforts, and look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks offered by this system.


  • An aluminum frame that can withstand intense weather conditions
  • In-ground structure provides safety
  • Tempered glass backboard is very resistant to breaking
  • A fair amount of space between the rim and the pole
  • Can be adjusted easily for height


There are many positive qualities that can be discussed for this basketball system. One of the most common benefits that are linked to the Goalrilla is that their basketball system is built to be sturdy and long-lasting. The strong aluminum frame is not easily weathered from exposure to the elements, and is highly resistant to physical damage.

Another one of the advantages of purchasing this system is the fact that it is an in-ground basketball hoop. This means that you can safely dunk and shoot on it without having to worry about it falling over or refilling it with sand. Another safety feature that is prominent with this system is that the glass backboard will not break easily or completely if it suffers damage.


As with any product, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to purchasing this system. The very first and most-often noted is that the basketball system is expensive. In fact, it is up to $800 more expensive than other comparable systems. One of the other drawbacks of buying this basketball system is that it has to be built into the ground. While this vastly increases the safety and longevity of the basketball hoop, it requires a rather deep hole in order to ensure that it stays upright and has little vibration.


The Goalrilla GLR GS In-Ground Basketball System has a great deal of positive aspects that make it worth buying. It is safe, durable, and one of best all-around basketball systems on the market as long as the price does not bother you. With only a few drawbacks that are easily negated by the right buyer, this basketball system is easily an above average, if not great, product.